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Over time it has always been thought that the agricultural world did not need innovation. But ... If we look at the situation, in the US it is now almost customary that many large farms have a drone to monitor, at least in the visible range, their crops trying to capture the variations in growth, in order to identify diseases at the right time. In Europe precision farming has been recently introduced and in Italy, despite the rising interest in this field, the offered services are just maps showing either the vegetation or the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI). Data interpretation is generally carried out by an agronomist, or whoever takes his place, suggesting the best choices to the farmer. At present these are mostly experimental or academic practices. The mission of FarmCopter is the further development of these practices and their translation from experimental to practical issues, creating normal procedures applicable in order to achieve cost savings in terms of chemicals/fertilizers, irrigation water and to obtain a significant improvement in both the crop quality and quantity.


Innovative services for modern agriculture

FarmCopter carries out drone surveys acquiring data with a multispectral camera. Starting from the acquired remote sensing data several vegetation index maps are processed via commercial and/or specifically implemented softwares. Furthermore, the integration of these maps with agro-meteorologicaldata, according to constructed forecasting models, allows a synoptic view. The combined data analysis supports the agronomist in the suggestion of the best actions to apply to a crop.
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Our Team

Professionality and competence

Giuseppe Ricci

Giuseppe Ricci holds an M.Sc. Degree in Mathematics (year), a Post Degree Master in Technology for Space Remote Sensing (2008) and a PhD in Computer Science (2014). He tried to use the knowledge acquired during his studies developing the idea of drone applications for agriculture.

Giovanni Gadaleta

Giovanni Gadaleta holds an M.Sc. Degree in Agricultural Science (2001) and was admitted to the profession of agronomist (2001). He provided technical assistance to Public Administrations to program, implement and evaluate EU-funded Regional Development Plans.

Mariangela Noviello

Remote Sensing Analyst
Mariangela Noviello holds an M.Sc. Degree in Science and Technology for Diagnostics and Conservation of Cultural Heritage (2008), a Post Degree Master in Technology for Space Remote Sensing (2010) and a PhD in Geomorphology and Environmental Dynamics (2014). She experienced both geophysical and remote sensing methods.

Alessia Lovino

Environmental Planning & GIS
Alessia Lovino holds an M.Sc. Degree in Forest and Environmental Sciences (2012) and an M.Sc. Degree in Management and development of mediterranean rural systems. She has a good experience in dendometrics relif in sample areas, storage and manage geographycal data in GIS/webGIS. Alessia partecipates to different speleological courses.

Sandro Muscillo

GIS Analyst
Sandro Muscillo holds a MSc Engineering geology and he earned a PhD oin PhD Program in Engineering Seismology. Sandro is an expert GIS analyst on ArcGis platform and in CAD.

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